What does CMS stand for?

22 June 2021

If you’ve been asking yourself what does CMS stand for, we’re here to help! CMS refers to your website’s content management system. Having a CMS is a simple way of managing all your website content in one secure place. There are lots of different kinds of CMS that you can use for your site, and some are more user friendly than others.

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What does a CMS do?

You CMS gives you access to update, edit and archive content on your website. You don’t have to worry about writing any website code either, the CMS manages all the formatting for you!

A good CMS allows you to share the management of your site with the rest of your team too. You can also set different levels of access between different team members. This helps to increase security and make sure your site is always properly updated.

No matter where you are, all you need to update you site is an internet connection and a login for your CMS. This means you can make instant changes to react to your market and communicate effectively with your customers.

Through your CMS, you can also usually optimise your pages for success in search engines and manage your contact form submissions too. You’ll also be able to see a change log on your content and track who has been making updates to which pages.

For large, ecommerce sites, there are lots of fantastic CMS integrations that allow you to see your sales, manage your stock and capture details to help you re-engage users who have abandoned their digital shopping carts.

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Which CMS is right for you?

Whenever we create and new website or re-design an existing site, we always talk about to our clients about the functionality they need in their CMS. We know how important your site is to your business. You’ll want to be able to control everything that’s on it. Whatever your specific needs are, we can get you set up on a CMS that perfectly matches your intended use.

We’re currently building lots of website on WordPress, as it’s one of Google’s current favourites and is incredibly user friendly. It gives incredibly flexibility over user access and is very scalable to suit the needs of changing business. You can find out more about the benefits of WordPress in another of our blog posts here.

Our team of developers are very experienced working with a range of CMS, including popular ecommerce systems including Shopify, PrestaShop and WooCommerce. If you’re looking to update your current site or move to a more accessible CMS, get in touch.

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