Advertising sales

Funding publications through advertising is an important part of many projects and our dedicated sales team have helped a variety of clients in the private and public sectors exceed their financial objectives by increasing sales revenues year-on-year.

A successful long term approach

We use an ethical approach to our selling because we know that your good name is a very important asset. So, we don’t use high-pressure sales techniques or deceive customers.

Instead, we create sales campaigns which promote the benefits of your publication and then work hard to establish long-term relationships. That’s why we’ve got such a high rate of returning advertisers year after year.

We use a dedicated, custom-built database and tailor our service to each of our customers’ specific requirements. No matter what you’re looking for from our advertising services, we’ll be able to deliver.

Experienced, professional service

We’ve been working in advertising for over 30 years. With us, you’ll always get a friendly, professional service through every stage.

Our sales team are experts at researching new leads and finding new customers for your publications. We’re no strangers to negotiating prices and confirming adverts either, and we do everything we can to make sure your advertisers are prompt with their artwork and their payment.

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Sales and design: a match made in marketing heaven

When you choose Bow House to manage your advertising sales, you get so much more than the support of a sales agency. Not only can we sell your ad space, we can design all the copy and ads in-house and present you with a perfectly printed product ready to go out to the masses.

Advert design

We’re experts at creating tailored advert designs for our customers. Just tell us your specification and what message you want to convey and we’ll come up with something amazing. Our designers and copy writers do it all in-house.

Advertising sales

We always deliver on advertising sales. Our team work incredibly hard to research your industry and take the time to nurture lasting relationships with your advertisers. We hate to lose a sale and we’re experts at relationship management, which is why our returning advertiser rate is so high.

No job is too big or too small

Whatever you need, we’ll find the “just right” solution for you. We’ve managed a wide variety of adverts and ad sales over our time, from 850 page sales catalogues to single sided flyers, and from cinema adverts to bus promotions.

Some of our clients

We’ve got long standing relationships with lots of advertising clients thanks to our people-first approach to ad sales. We’ve been working with businesses including: Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Visit Whitby, Hampshire County Council, Aylesbury Vale District Council and The Ritz cinema for years.

Here at Bow House, we’ve got decades of experience designing advertising materials, both for print and for web. Whether you’re looking to advertise at the cinema, on social media, in guidebooks and other publications, need some appealing marketing materials to share with customers, or want to refresh your brand image with a new logo, we’re here to help.

Why should you choose Bow House?

We know we’re not the only advertising sales agency in the UK, but we should always be your first choice. Here’s why:

We do our homework

We take the time to get to know your business and the people you’re trying to reach. Our sales team will thoroughly research your target area and track down a wide variety of different leads for your ads. Every advert in your publication will be filled with relevant content to your audience and designed to appeal directly to them.

We put people first

Sales can be a heartless industry. That’s why we always put people first with our ethical approach. We’ll not waste time talking to businesses irrelevant to your goals so that both you and your advertisers get the very best return from the ad. Each advertiser in your publication will be fully satisfied with the friendly, professional service they’ve received from us.

We hate to lose a sale

We love bringing advertisers back into publications each year which is why we take great care over the relationships we build with customers. If someone chooses not to come back and advertise with us again, we take the time to understand why, and see if there’s anything we can learn to make our service even better.

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