Benefits of using WordPress

11 December 2019

There are lots of benefits of using WordPress as your content management system. It’s one of Google’s current favourites, which automatically gives you an edge, but there’s so much more WordPress can offer.

Check out some of the benefits of using WordPress for your site:

Updates are easy

If you need to make changes to copy quickly, or want to change your theme or add new functionality, WordPress makes it simple. The content management system is really easy to use and there is a fantastic range of themes and plugins that you can add to rapidly alter the look and functionality of your site.

It’s an SEO dream

WordPress is fully SEO ready. Sites built on WordPress have consistent codes that are very easy for search engines to index. Each page also has its own SEO tool to help you manage the page’s keywords, meta description and titles.

blog post updates are one of the benefits of using WordPress

WordPress is cost effective

The upkeep and maintenance on a WordPress site is affordable. Designing and development on WordPress is one of the most cost effective ways you can get a reliable, functional and appealing site for your business.

Fully responsive sites

Using WordPress web design gives you a responsive site that works perfectly on a wide range of different devices. Whether users are accessing your site from a desktop, mobile or laptop, it’ll look great and run smoothly.

Excellent e-commerce integration

One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is the fantastic integration with popular e-commerce solutions. Manage your orders and inventories all in one place by connecting Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and other giants in the online shopping world to your WordPress site.

Easy to manage user accounts

You’re able to add multiple users to your account and quickly manage their access levels. That makes the running of your site very easy. It’s also clear to see who made changes and when to help you track progress.

man looking at his website content

WordPress is secure

Without protection, your business and all its sensitive data is at risk. WordPress sites have multiple layers of security to help you protect and back up your information that are being updated all the time.

It’s really scalable

As your business grows and changes, your site needs to be able to keep up. WordPress sites are easy to scale and adapt to your evolving business very easily – whether that’s by adding new pages or developing functionality with plugins.

Seamless social media integration

It’s really easy to connect your website and your social media accounts on WordPress. You can include social sharing buttons on your pages, links to accounts in your header or footer, and there are even plugins that allow you to schedule and post updates to your social pages directly from WordPress.

It’s great for multimedia

You aren’t limited to text alone with a WordPress site. The built in media tool is able to handle all kinds of different content right in the post editor. Share all your videos, images and audio clips easily on your WordPress site.

easy media management in WordPress

Blogging is incredibly easy

As WordPress started life as a blogging platform, a blog is built in to sites. It’s really simple to set up, and adding and changing content is really straightforward. Blogs are a great way to boost your visibility and get those all important social likes!

There’s a great support community

The wonderful community is another real benefit of using WordPress. They offer fantastic, free support if you get a bit stuck and don’t want to rely on web developers to make minor changes. Simply reach out to the community or browse the help guides to find the answers to your questions.

Discover the benefits of using WordPress for yourself

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