Let’s hear it for the WOOFYT launch!

21 May 2018

We’ve had a real blast on this website build and are so excited to see it go live. Not to blow our own trumpets, but this one is pretty special!

WOOFYT is the Wooden One-octave Organ For Young Technologists. It’s the result of owners’ Jeremy Sampson’s skills as a violinist and teacher and Bill Cleghorn’s engineering and business success.

What is the WOOFYT?

As Bill’s company Cleghorn Waring Pumps Ltd was coming up to its 50th anniversary, Bill wanted to celebrate with something truly unique. By adapting the pump systems from the business to make musical sounds, they created the WOOFYT. WOOFYT is a primitive pipe organ that needs lots of people working together to play it.

In 2003, 5 WOOFYT machines were ready thanks to the help of Cleghon Waring staff and a lot of tweaks and changes to get it just right.

The WOOFYT’s design makes it the perfect teaching tool. Not only do WOOFYT sessions bring together science and music, it also teaches students the importance or working together for a shared goal. Up to 20 people can play on a WOOFYT at the same time, helping children to develop teamwork, teaching skills and leadership abilities.

WOOFYT sessions have run all over the UK in primary and secondary schools, colleges, summer schools, music festivals, cathedrals, churches and concert halls.

WOOFYT in action

The big build

After Jeremy and Bill perfected their machine and built up their reputation, it was our turn to get to work! This website build has been a lot of fun and allowed us to be really creative in its design and functionality.

The homepage is full of images and videos showing off the machine in action. A “pull me” lever plays music made by the machine when the user interacts with it. It’s a bright and friendly site that attracts the attention it deserves.

Big, bold navigation buttons with images of WOOFYT in action take users from the homepages through the website and information banners with funky edges and mechanical backgrounds grab the eye.

To show off the WOOFYT in its true glory, we teamed up with Photographer Karen Turner and Videographer Simon Collins to capture the sights and sounds of the machine in action. They’ve done a wonderful job showing how much fun the school groups have when playing the machine.

Make sure you take a look and have your speakers turned up!

> Check out the WOOFYT site here <

Bill and Jeremy have been great to work with their passion for the project really shines out through their pages. Here’s what they have to say about their new website:

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Bow House, who have done a splendidly imaginative job for us in creating a website for the WOOFYT project, conveying both its quirkiness and its educational potential.”

Bill Cleghorn & Jeremy Sampson

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