Rebecca Bastiman Racing

17 May 2019

We’re really pleased with the brand new site for Rebecca Bastiman Racing. This has been a fun project to work on, and we’re looking forward to seeing how well the site works for Rebecca and her team.

Take a look at the new Rebecca Bastiman Racing site:

>> https://www.rebeccabastimanracing.co.uk/ <<

Rebecca has always loved horses. Her and her brother, Harvey, took to riding as children and have both followed in their father’s footsteps to become expert horse trainers. Over their years in business, they’ve had great racing success and wanted to further expand their reach. That’s where Bow House came in.

horse race with lead horse trained by Rebecca Bastiman Racing

The website build

We designed them a lovely website that showcases all the wonderful support on offer from Rebecca Bastiman Racing. The site shows off their fantastic training facilities, stunning pictures of racing and training, as well as showing off all the horses they have for sale.

Rebecca’s racing colours are purple and white. So, we knew they needed to feature heavily on the site. We created a simple logo and the design fell into place around it. Horses are at the heart of their business. We made sure to use exciting racing images and cheeky shots of the horses in training.

All our sites are built with search engines in mind. They’re fully responsive and include lots of technical elements that assist with organic search. For this site, we also helped to optimise the on page content, to help raise Rebecca’s search rankings for horse training in the Yorkshire area.

As Rebecca and the team want horse owners to get in touch, we knew the site needed strong, compelling calls to action and be really easy to navigate. We included contact details in both the header and the footer and designed a contact page with a simple form to make it really easy for users to covert on the site. We also included a map to help users find the site, and to give a boost in local search rankings.

Rebecca and the team love the new site. They’ll keep it updated with brilliant images of their horses training and taking first place out on the race track. This site has been a pleasure to work on and we’ll definitely be heading over to the racecourse again soon!

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