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22 January 2019

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new site for A Quaker Education. We think it looks amazing and is full of useful information about all the incredible Quaker schools in the UK.

>> Take a look at new Quaker Education site <<

The brief

The Friends’ School Council came to us to refresh their old site. They wanted something much more engaging that offered users detailed information about the independent schools across the UK following Quaker educational philosophy.

We discussed what they wanted from their site and got to work. This site brought together a wide variety of our different skills and we’ve loved getting to bring together so many talents from across the Bow House team.

Fresh perspectives on how the content was presented led to new ideas and innovative solutions throughout the design process to really help users get the most out of the site. Even if we do say so ourselves, the finished result is incredible.

A Quaker Education website screenshot

The work

We created a much larger, more modern site that’s fully responsive. We’ve also written fresh, engaging copy for all the pages on the site. Now, each school has a dedicated page full of information to help potential students, parents and carers decide whether a school is right for them.

Using our custom-made map, you can search for schools by area. You can learn about school open days to get a better sense of the school culture. Videos show users a little more about life in the schools and a collated social media page pulls in posts from each of the 12 schools to give an up to date overview of their activities.

We’re incredibly proud of this site and can’t wait to see how well it performs. It’s already sitting at the top of search results pages thanks to the best SEO techniques built into the site’s structure and page content.

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