Oakdale Centre website launch

26 November 2019

You cannot rush perfection! We’ve been working with Lorian, Helen, and the team at the Oakdale Centre for a while, and we’re so happy to be able to share their fantastic new site with you at last.

>> View the Oakdale Centre website <<

The Oakdale Centre are a fantastic provider of counselling and psychotherapy to support personal development in adults, children and families in the North of England. They operate on a not-for-profit basis to help support individuals cope with the challenges life brings.

Oakdale Centre new website homepage

The website redesign

The Oakdale website redesign is a real piece of art. The stunning logo and designs that appear on the site are the work of the wonderful Louise Lockhart from The Printed Peanut. They’re bright, friendly and welcoming – exactly what the site needed.

The team were very keen to be involved with the site throughout the redesign and it’s been great to work so closely. We designed the responsive site as a flexible skeleton that they could then easily work with to create their perfect site.

With the website bones in place, some of the Oakdale Centre team came in for training. We showed them how to make full use of the new website functionality. Bursting with knowledge, the team then populated the site themselves – no small challenge thanks to all the useful content across the site.

We also developed a gated members’ area for the staff at the Oakdale Centre to use. It allows them access to more detail and useful information to help them offer the very best support to their clients.

The team here at Bow House have enjoyed working on this colourful site and are really looking forward to seeing how well the new pages perform for the Oakdale Centre. Their work is so important and it’s been a real pleasure to support it.

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