Insight Photography website launch

16 April 2018

Insight Photography went live Friday 13th April 2018 – we’ll not let superstition hold us back from a successful website launch!

It’s been a really fun project to work on, and we’re happy to see it go live to customers. Check it out for yourself.

> www.insightphotographers.co.uk <

Andrew Crozier got in touch with us through a mutual contact. We had a chat with him about the different options he had available to him for his website. We sat down together and came up with solutions for his site that would give him and his handy copywriter the flexibility they needed over the content of the pages.

The work

Having agreed on a plan of action, we got to work. We designed and built a bright and inviting homepage that Andrew could fill with examples of his photography. Once we’d got the rest of the website structure up and running, Andy and his copywriter filled the pages with exciting text and more of Insight Photography’s stunning images.

During the end of 2017, Andrew spent a lot of time reviewing his site and rewriting the copy on his pages. His high attention to detail and sharp business brain missed nothing. He came back to us with lots of questions, ideas for further developments and some bugs that needed fixing.

Andrew told us how much he appreciated that we “supported [his] vision right down to the most seemingly infinite of requests – always with attention, enthusiasm and what seems like unbridled patience.” No worries Andrew, it was our pleasure!

We know how important it is for all our clients to be completely satisfied with every aspect of their site before making it live. So, we spent the next few months working closely with Andrew to develop the exact site he wanted for his business. Andrew has been absolutely lovely to work with and we’re really looking forward to developing new projects with him in the future.

Andrew’s feedback

It’s safe to say Andrew enjoyed working with us too. When we asked him for some feedback on his Bow House experience, he told us that:

“We effectively brought 3 websites under one roof and from the get go, the Bow House team delivered in spades. Nothing has been too much trouble for Alan, who has been my chief developer. His technical knowledge is exemplary, his problem solving awesome and I’ve got to know him as a genuinely nice chap! I would have no hesitation in recommending Bow House to any of my colleagues or associates who needed web/tech solutions.”

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