Badapple Theatre website launch

27 February 2020

We’ve had lots of fun putting together the new site for Badapple Theatre Company. Our designers had lots of fun ideas for this one. We worked very closely with the clients to give them the exact website they wanted.

>> Visit the Badapple Theatre site <<

Badapple Theatre Company website screenshot

What we did

We’ve completely redesigned the whole Badapple website for Kate and the team. Their old site didn’t fizzle with the energy and fun that the talented performers bring to rural communities all over the UK. Now, they’ve got a site that perfectly matches their approach and really sells what they can do.

The new site has brought forward the natural colour scheme from the old to help promote the company’s rural heart. We’ve used earthy browns and greens across the site. These are offset with the vibrant red in the Badapple logo to add colour and vibrancy to the site. A video welcomes users into the site and shows off all the fun of a Badapple performance better than any words can!

It’s fully responsive and optimised for search now too. Wherever you land on the site, and whatever device you use to access it, the pages will all load perfectly and quickly. The navigation bar comes with you as you scroll so it’s always really easy to find the page you’re looking for too.

This is a real take notice site for a company who are doing something different. It celebrates all the things that make them unique and at all points encourages you to book into one of their shows, or to ask them to bring a performance to your local area. Badapple want to make sure that all communities can benefit from the arts, no matter how rural. The new site will help them do just that.

The reaction

Kate and the whole Badapple team are thrilled with the results. They told us that we’re:

“A great company who have created a stylish and fitting design for our slightly hard-to-pigeon-hole brand, with fantastic customer service, we’d recommend them highly.”

We’re really looking forward to seeing how well the new site performs. We’re also eagerly awaiting their next performances near us!

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