Changes to Google’s website page speed test

27 February 2019

There have been several changes to Google’s website page speed test and we love them! The system has been completely rejuvenated and as well as looking much cleaner, is so much nicer to use. It’s also got some really exciting new features that we are already finding incredibly helpful.

New website page speed test

With the new website page speed test, you’re able to set benchmarks for your site. You can then monitor your success each month, which is really helpful feature. It’ll even create a handy report that you can share with your team of actions to complete to help improve your speed score.

You’ll find out useful information about the speed of your site as a whole, and a breakdown of individual pages too.

> Click here to complete the website speed test <

tablet open to run Google's website page speed test

Other useful tools

Google has included several other useful tools in the update. You can benchmark your site against your competitors to see how quickly their sites load in comparison to yours. Faster sites have been proven time and time again to increase conversions, so this data is invaluable to you.

You’re also able to run simulations for your site to see how much impact a faster site can have for your business. Input different load speed times, along with your average monthly visits, conversion rate and typical order value to see what a difference a few seconds could make to your sales.

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