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12 November 2019

If you’re looking at ways to get more sales and leads online, take a look at these tips to increase website conversions. There are lots of subtle changes you can make to your website that will encourage more people to engage with you and convert.

Having a consistent way to monitor makes it much easier to test and see the impact of any changes you do make along the way. Make sure you define what classes as a conversion and know what process you’ll follow to monitor it.

After you’ve defined what a successful conversion is for your business, try some of these great ways to increase website conversions.

Utilise your testimonials

Users like to see real examples of happy customers online. It makes them much more confident in using your services or buying your products. Include a link to your Google Reviews, add options for reviews on product pages, or simply include snapshots of customer feedback in your pages. It works a treat!

Decrease the number of mandatory fields

Enquiry forms with lots of mandatory fields will get abandoned by all but the most dedicated – which sometimes can be a good thing. However, for the most part, having lots of boxes that have to be filled will discourage users from getting in touch. They just want the answer to their question, not to have to provide lots of personal detail about themselves.

Think carefully about what you actually need to know to be able to give a speedy, comprehensive reply to their enquiry. Limit your forms to the absolute necessities like: their name, email or phone number, and a box for their question.

woman AB testing content to increase website conversions

Use A/B testing

If you really want have a concrete understanding of what changes are driving more conversions on your site, A/B test pages. Create two pages with a key change and use A/B testing tools to divide traffic between them. You’ll be able to see which version encourages the most conversions so you can roll it out across your site.

You can test for everything on the page. Look at differences in fonts, CTA copy, page layouts, images, videos, titles, and the colours used on the page, to name just a few.

Implement an SSL

Having a secure SSL on your site shows that you’re concerned with user safety. It lets them know that you take cyber security seriously and take every precaution to protect their personal information.

Installing an SSL can also help boost your SEO too – double win!

Add a guarantee

If you’re selling products online, add a guarantee to them. It helps build that trust you need to be able to convince customers to buy without having physically seen the item. Having a clear, no quibbles refund policy lets customers know how confident you are in your products, and the increase in your sales should more than compensate for any returns.

Include a privacy statement

Letting users know their personal details are safe with you can have a big impact on the number of website conversions that come through. With the GDPR, users are much more aware of their rights and showing you care will encourage them to engage with your business.

coder adding privacy policy to increase website conversions

Offer live chat fields

With the incredible advancements in AI and automation, you can now get a decent chat tool installed for an incredibly reasonable price. It’s a fantastic way to increase user experience and encourage more conversions online.

Use buttons rather than links

Buttons are bigger. They’re more visible, easier to click and look really effective on the page when nicely designed. Wherever possible, use image buttons rather than in-text links to drive more conversions.

Media increase website conversions

The online world is a visual one. Make sure you’re using quality images and videos to sell your business. Having low quality or poor videos loses lots of the trust you’re trying to build between your customers and your website.

Use action words

‘Click here’ has been massively overdone. Get more creative with your CTAs and use action words to prompt people to take that valuable next step for your business. Things like ‘grab yours before it’s gone’, ‘give [business name] a try’ or ‘claim your discount’ are much more appealing.

Recommend related products

For e-commerce businesses especially, it’s always a fantastic idea to recommend related products to the one the user is currently looking at. If you match them up right, you can increase the value of each sale you make and show off more of your fantastic products.

man converting on a website and inputting his card details

Provide multiple payment options

Not all users want to buy in the same way. If you can, offer a few different payment options so the user can choose the most convenient for them. Not everyone wants to use PayPal, so look into your other options, there are so many available, including Sage Pay, Square, World Pay and Stripe.

Don’t over sell

Your users are savvy now, they won’t necessarily be taken in by copy that’s full of hype. Instead, use well written, informative but friendly text. It will appeal to them a whole lot more and help to increase website conversions.

Remove any distractions

You don’t want lots of irrelevant information on the page. Structure your content and design to give your users a narrow focus on what you want them to do next. Your landing pages need to make it clear what the next step action is and be really easy to achieve.

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