Tips for working remotely

24 April 2020

Lots of us have had to change the way we work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at Bow House are still working hard to support our clients and have adapted to working from home. Now that we’ve got the teething problems out the way, we thought we’d share our tips for working remotely.

Set up a work station

When working from home, it’s easy to let the work day cross over into your relaxation time too. With your laptop close at hand, checking one more email is often too tempting to resist. But, by setting up a clear work station, you’re able to put a definite mark on the end of the working day. You’re able to leave your work station and enjoy the evening.

Put on shoes

It might sound silly, but putting on shoes is a great trick for working remotely. You associate wearing shoes with going out and being productive and it’s a trick that will help you stay focused when working remotely. You should also make sure to get fully dressed, joggers are comfortable but they won’t help you do your best work!

desk set up to alllow productive remote working

Write to-do lists

Set yourself daily tasks to complete to help keep you productive. Make sure they’re achievable in the time you have.

Be flexible with your hours

One of the benefits of working from home is setting your own schedule. You don’t necessary have to stick to the 9 to 5, unless you find that works best for you and your obligations. Start earlier, take a long lunch to do a food shop or help the kids with their school work. Fit your allocated working hours around your needs.

Set boundaries with others in your house

You’ll need to chat with other people in your house about your work. Families and roomates need to respect your working hours and do everything they can to avoid interrupting you. Of course, there might always be an unexpected need for your attention in the home, but as much as you can, try to keep work time free from distraction.

Talk regularly with your team

Set up video calls and have group emails on the go. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to be alone or cut off. Make sure it’s not all work chat when you speak too, catch up with people on a personal level like you would when in the workplace.

young woman talking to her staff on a video call when working from home

Don’t be afraid to ask for support

Just as you would in your ordinary work space, it’s important to still ask for help when you need it. Reach out to your colleagues and managers when you need some advice or if your technology isn’t working as it should. They’ll be able to offer advice and resolve the issue.

Regularly update on projects

You can’t just nip to the next desk over to ask how a project is going when you’re working from home. Make sure you’re in regular contact with your team to update them on your ongoing projects so everyone knows what’s happening within the business.

Control background noise

In your workplace, you have limited control over what music is played, whether your colleagues are on the phone or chatting to each other. At home, you’re in control so can create the background you work best in. For some that’s complete silence while others want to blast the tunes. You might even mix up what you can hear based on what project you’re working on.

We hope these ideas for making the most out of working from home will prove useful for you. Do you have your own tips for working remotely? We’d love to hear them – send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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