Do you have a mobile first website?

21 October 2020

Is yours a mobile first website? If not, you could be losing out on customers and dropping through the search rankings.

It’s now more important than ever to make sure your website is fully responsive for mobile technology. Mobile first indexing has been on Google’s agenda for a while now and they were planning to roll it out across all sites this September. With all the uncertainty, they’ve now extended that deadline to give you a little more time to get your site sorted.

Now, you must make sure your site is ready for mobile first indexing by March 2021.

What is mobile first indexing?

Following the next March deadline, crawlers from Google will get information about your site from the mobile version. The Googlebots need to be able to see all your content and resources to be able to index it and allow you to appear in searches.

business owner working on a mobile friendly website

That means, you need to make sure all your content is visible on mobile devices. Often, a mobile version of your site has less content on it than a desktop version. So, if you want users to see your information, it needs to be available on mobile. You’ll risk losing traffic if not!

If you only have a desktop version of your site, there’s no need to worry. Google will still be able to access your site but it will do so with a mobile user agent.

Why the change to mobile first websites?

Google’s data shows that the majority of its searches come from users on a mobile device. Their current ranking system looks first at the desktop version of a site when trying to understand it for ranking.

So, that means there can be a bit of a difference between the website Google is recommending and the one the user actually experiences on their mobile device. The switch to mobile first indexing will help improve the relevance of the results for users and improve their experience.

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If you have any concerns about what mobile first indexing will mean to your site, please get in touch. You can also run a quick test on your website to make sure it’s mobile friendly with this free Google tool.

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