Local SEO marketing – why do we see different results?

19 March 2019

Local SEO marketing is a must for business, especially if you rely on physical premises for your sales. Google and other search engines are great at presenting searchers with local solutions to their questions and you need to capitalise on it.

Thanks to local positioning, me, searching in Easingwold, would see very different results to someone searching in Edinburgh or Leeds. It’s all down to local SEO marketing strategies.

How do search engines decide what to list?

Search engines use information about search habits, the device being used and the searcher’s current location to create the results page every time a search is made.

If a person lives in Edinburgh, when they travel to York and search for a restaurant, the location information on their smartphone gives search engines the details they need. Clever, right?

Using local SEO to your advantage

There are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to up your local SEO marketing game. If you’re a restaurant in York, for example, you want your listing to appear for searches like ‘where to eat tonight’ and ‘restaurants near me.’

Google and other search engines will use what they know about a business to decide whether or not to show the site to a searcher in the area. Make sure it’s clear on your site where you’re based to give yourself the very best chance of ranking highly and winning that customer.

Where to optimise for local ranking success

There are some key areas to start with when looking to improve your local rankings. Start with:

  • Contact page – make sure your address is clearly listed. You can even bring in a Google map of your location to make it very clear where you are.
  • Meta descriptions – if you’re a restaurant in York, state your location in the meta title and description.
  • NAP – your name, address, and phone number need to be consistent all over the web for local ranking success. Take your contact info from your home page, place it in your website footer, and make sure any business details on pages linking through to yours are all consistent.

man searching for local SEO marketing

Checking your local positioning

With all that hard work, you’ll definitely want to know it’s paying off. You should be able to tell from the increased number of people walking through the door, but as marketers, it’s vital to have the stats to back you up.

A pretty accurate way to check your local ranking is using the Google Ads preview tool. Simply type in your desired search term set the location, language and device. Google will then generate a results page and you’ll be able to see where your page is appearing.

You can also use the geo filter in Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from. Head into your account, select audience > geo > location and you’ll be able to see exactly where in the world your website visits came from.

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