Sponsored adverts on Facebook are changing

17 June 2018

In the past, many business owners have had lots of success with sponsored adverts on Facebook. A new change in Facebook policy is going to mean a change in approach for Facebook advertisers.

Changes to sponsored adverts on Facebook

Facebook customers will now have the chance to rate your business on the social site in a new way. If they’ve engaged with one of your sponsored adverts on Facebook, they’ll be asked to rate you. They’ll be asked to tap a happy, neutral or sad face icon. Customer will also submit longer review survey if they want to.

If you’re getting a lot of those unhappy faces coming your way, Facebook will share this information with you. They’ll let you know what customers have been saying in their negative responses. You’ll have the opportunity to make some changes and improve your customer feedback.

The people at Facebook want to limit the number of scams and misleading ads that appear on the site. They are working hard to increase their trustworthiness for customers, which has influenced this change in ad policy. They only want businesses who are promoting excellent deals and opportunities for their customers. If a customer is unhappy with the experience they’ve had, it reflects badly on both the business and Facebook.

office space where a business owners has been working on sponsord adverts on Facebook

The new system will combat bad shopping experiences. Facebook want to stop to ads that are promoting things like incorrect shipping information, poor product quality and customer service. They’ve also put a ban on cryptocurrency adverts because so many are scams.

If you’re ads are getting a lot of unhappy reviews, Facebook will let you know there’s a problem. You’ll have the chance to make changes to your adverts and improve the rating you’re receiving from your customers.

If this doesn’t improve overtime, Facebook can start limiting the amount of ads you can run on the platform. They reserve the right to even ban you from advertising completely.

Thoughts from Facebook

Of course, Facebook aren’t going to prevent you from advertising unless there’s a really serious issue. If you’re offering a great service and your adverts only reflect what you can actually deliver, you won’t have any problems!

Facebook themselves have said that:

“This policy is part of an ongoing effort to improve the integrity and security of our ads, and to make it harder for scammers to profit from a presence on Facebook.”

As long as you’re not up to anything dodgy, you’ll not need to worry about their ad policy change.

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