8 social media marketing skills we use every day

23 April 2019

Marketing your business on social media is a must. Users want to be able to find your social profiles and get a feel for your business. You need to present a friendly, professional and approachable face to prospective customers on your social pages. Getting the balance right can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

Take a look at the 8 social media marketing skills we use every day.

Community focus

Without your trusted community online, you social media marketing is doomed to fail. You need to be able chat with people online, engage with them on a personal level before trying to sell them anything.

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Troll management

We’re not talking giant, human-like creatures that live in the woods. Internet trolls exist to make jokes and cause you trouble online. When building your community, you’ll need to have a strategy in place to handle trolls, and negative comments, effectively.

If you’re dealing with an unhappy customer, rather than a troll, you’ll need to make sure you’re seen to be sensitive and helpful. It’s never wise to ignore a genuine complaint online.

Building relationships

As well as creating an online community, you’ll also need to develop relationships with influencers and other businesses online. Working together, you can make a much bigger impact and help each other to thrive.

Staying organised

There’s a lot to think about, and one of the most important social media marketing skills you need to master is organisation. Strategically plan your content and prepare for regular trends.

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Being flexible

A direct contradiction to the point above, but you need to be flexible as well as organised. Don’t miss out on an opportunity because it’s not part of your pre-arranged social media plan. Trends come and go, and you need to have the flexibility to make the most of them.


Don’t just stick to pushing the same tired piece of content. Get creative with the material you share. Try creating blogs, infographics, videos, pictures, and podcasts, to name just a few. Make sure your posts stand out from the rest and engage your audience.

Keeping up to date

Social media is changing all the time. Facebook are constantly making tweaks to how their advertising works, and you never know when a new social site is going to pop up. Make sure you stay in the know about all changes to your social sites and post where you know your target audience are spending time online.

person logging into Facebook to use their social media marketing skills

Checking the data

Keep on top of your social media performance with valuable, measurable goals. Regularly check up on your data to make sure your content is working. Without goals and key performance indicators, you won’t be able to prove the value of your efforts.

Always remember…

Remember, sometimes the best advert is one that doesn’t actually advertise at all. Friendly, exciting content is great for spreading the word about your business without you needing to overtly market yourself.

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