Finding new blog post ideas tricky?

28 May 2018

Finding new blog post ideas tricky?

If you’re finding that coming up with new blog post ideas is getting harder, there are lots of tips and tricks that you can use to get the writing flowing again.

Check out the competition

What types of content does your competition put out? These are the people you want to overtake online so it’s always a good idea to know what they’re up to. Take a look at their blog and social media posts to see what content they’re sharing. Use it for inspiration for your own unique content.

What aren’t they talking about? You can also spot gaps in their content that you can fill with your own. That should also clear a bit more space online to help your post compete organically.

man on his computer to research new blog post ideas

Talk to your team

Your team interact with customers every day. Find out from them what questions they get asked over and over again and use that for your new blog post ideas. It’s what your target audience are interested in and there’s clearly a gap in their knowledge. It makes for a perfect opportunity for your copy.

Not only that, but they’ll have interesting stories of their own. Is someone doing a charity run? Have they been involved with some training? Copy isn’t just about selling your business, you want to create a bond with your customers and sharing glimpses into the lives of you and your team is a great way to do that. People buy from other people, not faceless companies.

Let Google inspire you

If you have a vague idea of what you’d like to write about, start typing into Google’s search bar and see what other people are asking about your topic. The autocomplete function will pop up and let you know what people have been searching for.

You can do the same with Google AdWords keyword planner and have it show you how frequently people have been searching for your chosen topic. You can then make those keywords the basis of your content to gain more organic traffic.

Don’t get stuck on text

If you’ve run out of ideas for things you can write up, try other forms of content. Video, infographics, podcasts are all engaging pieces of content that you can easily share with your users.

Turn to your industry

What’s happening in your industry right now? Are there new regulations or exciting new products being launched? Jump on that and show your business is up to date and in the know. Plus, the more topical you can make your content, the more likely people are to want to read it.

woman using her computer to research new blog post ideas

Talk to your customers

Not only will talking to your customers give you a better understanding how they see your business, it’ll also give you and insight into what they’re thinking. If there are issues they’re worrying about, you content can take that worry away.

If you’ve delighted customers – we’re sure you have – ask them for some feedback. Testimonials and customer reviews make great website copy that helps convince other users to buy and engage.

Flip your existing content

If you’ve written something like “top 10 best practise tips for [***]” flip that round if the content performed well. Go for something like “7 common mistakes for [***] and how to avoid them” as your new blog post idea.

Run a contest

If you can run a contest, do! It’s excellent for bringing traffic to your site and getting people involved with your brand. Consider giving away one of your products for free, offering free shipping for a month, gift cards… anything you can think of to get your customers excited and engaging with your business.

Write sequels to your existing content

If you’ve had pieces that have worked really well for you in the past, build on them. Find areas in them where you’ve mentioned a more niche topic or an idea that could form its own article. Plus, interconnecting content is a key part of your SEO strategy.

To sum up

These are just a few ideas that you can use to find new blog post ideas. Remember, a lot of the content you’re putting out regularly doesn’t need to overtly sell your business; things that are interesting and helpful to your customers do much better. If you can get them engaged with your content online, they’re more likely to come back to the brand that offered them something useful to buy later down the line.

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