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15 May 2020

While we’re all working from home, it’s time to focus on digital customer engagement to help your business keep turning during the pandemic.

There are lots of different things involved in using digital technology to reach out to customers. Crucially though, it considers anything that is categorised as an online interaction. Chatting with people on social media, sending out your monthly newsletter, or answering support requests all fall under digital engagement.

In this blog, we’re going to talk you through a handful of the ways you can increase digital customer engagement and benefit your business.

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Use video

Create engaging videos of your products, show off some behind the scenes action and highlight some of the more personal stories from your business to get people interested. Entertain your users first and you’ll convert them later.

Work on your speed

We all know how important website speed is for your digital presence. Not only does it give you an advantage for your rank position, it will help ensure people who click through to your site won’t bounce away.

But website speed isn’t the only thing that matters when looking to increase your digital customer engagement. You need to reply quickly and professionally to any comment that comes on your social media and respond to messages on your contact forms. Customers want fast communications. Don’t leave them waiting.

Run contests

People love a freebie! Run contents on your social media offering a free service or product from your business. Ask people online to share you post, like your page and tag their friends to be entered into a prize pool.

Not only is it a good way to get people engaging with your business, they’re actively recommending you to their friends. You expand your reach and share your business with lots more potential customers.

Make sure you create a hashtag for your competition too!

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Collaborate with other businesses

Find complimentary businesses to yours and work together to promote each other. You’ll be able to benefit from each other’s followings and split any marketing costs. You can share each other’s content and make any prizes more enticing by offering things from two businesses.

Boost high performing posts

If you can see that a piece of content you’ve shared on social media is doing well, boost it with a little marketing spend. You know that it’s engaging people who already follow your business, so capitalise on that success and promote it to new potential customers.

Streamline the checkout process

If you have a clunky digital checkout, carts will be abandoned. Make sure your e-commerce site is fit for purpose and ready to handle customer orders at any time of the day or night.

Give shout outs

If you have spotted that there are people regularly posting about your business, give them a shout out on your accounts. Share one of their posts talking about you and thank them for the positive message. It’ll make them feel really valued and encourage them to stay loyal to you.

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Create webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way to reach out to your audiences and get them to actively engage with you. They’ll be able to ask you questions that you can answer straight away. You can control access to your webinar by requesting email sign-ups and grow your mailing lists at the same time.

Webinars also help to establish you as the expert in your industry. You know you’re the best at what you do, and your webinar is your chance to prove it.

Offer live chat functionality on your site

Letting people send you a message as they’re browsing your site is a great way to increase digital customer engagement. Advancements in artificial intelligence mean you can rely on automated answers in the first instance. For common questions and your audience might not even know they’re not talking to you directly.

Ensure brand consistency

Offer a seamless transition between your accounts, apps and website. Users are smart and they do their research, so you need to stand out with clear, consistent branding. That helps build trust which is vital for an online sale. They recognise all the key hallmarks of your brand as they move across the different parts of your digital presence.

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