What are the benefits of infographics?

19 November 2018

There are lots of benefits of infographics to help support your marketing. But what are they? Let us talk you through what you stand to gain by using infographics online.

1. Draw the eye

Infographics are usually bright and eye catching. They’re a great way of delivering information in a visual way. People are increasingly interested in snippets of detail, especially on social media, so infographics are ideal for delivering fast, engaging information in a visually appealing way.

2. Drive more traffic

Because you’re grabbing attention with your eye catching design, you’re much more likely to get the traffic. If you can stop people scrolling, you’ve got a better chance of encouraging them to click.

You’re also increasing your chances of getting your content shared online. If one user shares your infographic with their friends, family and colleagues, they’re essentially giving you a big digital recommendation.

woman reading about the benefits of infographics

3. Much more memorable than text

A large percentage of the population are visual learners. Images are much easier to remember than blocks of text. When your user is next thinking about making a purchase, your excellent infographic will more easily spring to mind.

4. Infographics are SEO gold

Not only do potential customers like the recommendation given with a share of an infographic, search engines do too. If Google and other search engines see your content being passed from person to person online, you’ll see a rise in your search position. Just make sure you’ve got useful alt tags in place on your image to help search engines understand your content.

5. Easy to track

It’s easy to track and analyse the success of your infographics. Using tracking links and social media data, you can keep a close watch of how far your infographic is spreading online.

data showing the benefits of infographics on website traffic

6. Support your longer content

You can use easily digestible infographics to support your longer form content. Grab attention with your visual content and then direct that engagement to longer articles, website pages, or products.

7. Establish you as an expert

Getting your informative content out there helps you raise your profile as an expert. If you can offer complex ideas in a well-designed and thought out infographic series, you’re on to a digital win.

To sum up

There are many benefits of infographics for your business. In each infographic, you’re creating something that’s easy to share and track, raise the profile of your business and help you get more attention online. Happy designing!

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