Zoom Christmas party ideas

9 December 2020

Are you looking for Zoom Christmas party ideas to make sure your office do is still lots of fun this year? You’ve come to the right place!

The team at Bow House, like lots of others this year, are avoiding the traditional turkey dinner in the local pub and are moving the festivities online. We’ve come up with lots of ideas for party games that can all be done virtually but still bring the festive cheer we all need at the end of such a difficult year.

Check out some of the things we’ll be bringing to our Zoom Christmas party.

Christmas decorations on a home office desk

Christmas jumpers

You’ve got to dress for the occasion! Put on your cheesiest Christmas jumper to show off to your colleagues on screen at the start of the meeting.

Have a festive tipple to hand

After such a tricky year, having a festive drink during the office party is a must! Whatever your preferred Christmas drink, whether it be beer, Baileys, or gin, make sure to have it to hand to sip throughout your Zoom party. BBC Good Food have a lovely recipe for non-alcoholic mulled wine that we love too!

Name that Christmas song

Create a playlist and test your colleague’s knowledge of Christmas songs! Play the first 10 seconds of the tune through by sharing your computer sound and see who can identify the most songs correctly. And, if you can tell us why East 17’s Stay Another Day is included in Christmas playlists, we’d love to hear from you…

woman cutting out Christmas gingerbread

Festive baking

The team at Bow House love to bake, we’ve done lots of office Bake Offs over the years! Just because we’re not sharing a meal this year, doesn’t mean we can’t put our skills to the test and create delicious festive bakes to show off during the Zoom party.

Christmas quizzes

2020 has been the year of the quiz, so why would Christmas be any different? One of your colleagues can create a fun Christmas quiz to test your holiday knowledge.

Play charades

We play lots of charades with friends and family over the Christmas period, and it’s a game that really works when you move it online. Ask your colleagues to think of a few films, songs, and books that they can act out on screen for the rest of you to figure out.

man using his phone for a Zoom Christmas party next to his Christmas tree

Scavenger hunt

You might not think it, but online scavenger hunts are really great fun and help you get a short break from the computer. Create a list of things your colleagues are likely to have in their house and challenge them to show them on screen. First person to locate the item wins the point!

This can be anything, but it’s nice to keep the festive theme going! Ask them to find things like a holiday photo, a Christmas stocking, a wrapped present, a Christmas bauble, a scarf, or a Christmas film.

Digital Pictionary

Whether you screen share and use a virtual whiteboard (or MS paint) or good old-fashioned pen and paper, digital Pictionary can be lots of fun! Ask everyone to think of seasonal things they think are within their artistic capabilities and get them to draw a few lines at a time to give people time to guess.

Virtual murder mystery

There are lots of online murder mystery scripts that you can download and enjoy with your team on Zoom this Christmas. People can get dressed up and read out their clues and speeches until one person has enough information to figure out which of you is the digital murderer!

We hope our Zoom Christmas party ideas have given you some inspiration for your own online festivities! If you have any other ideas to share with us, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

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