Practical video meeting tips

15 September 2020

Rock your next online talk with these practical video meeting tips. If you’re struggling with remote working and all the digital meetings, these helpful, easy to follow tips will make your next meeting much easier.

Check your tech

The last thing you want is for your technology to fail right when you need it most. Make sure your chosen video conferencing software is up and running well in advance of your meeting. Check your sound and video quality too so you can enter the meeting with no technical hiccups.

Be on time

You wouldn’t be late to a face to face meeting, so make sure you’re on time for your digital ones. If you’re the host, you don’t want to leave your attendees in a digital waiting room. If something has come up and you’re unlikely to be there for the start of the meeting, make sure you let everyone know in advance.

online meeting on a tablet with a laptop next to it

Dress to impress

With working from home, it’s easy to let your appearance slip a little. But, if you’re going to be on camera to your colleagues or clients, you need to look professional. It will also help you feel more confident in the meeting and prepares you for work, as you associate specific clothes with your job.

Use headphones

Use headphones for your meetings. It reduces background noise for you and helps you to focus on the topic at hand. Plus, it’s actually gentler on your ears than tinny computer speakers.

Check your connection

If you internet is slow, it’ll impact the video call. Close Wi-Fi hungry applications on your computer and make sure other people in the house aren’t streaming and using lots of your bandwidth.

No distracting backgrounds

Thankfully, most video conferencing software lets you apply a background or blur it. That means the cat walking on the sofa behind you or a messy kitchen won’t distract others in the meeting. Of course, having your own space to work in is ideal so you can control the background, but we know that’s not practical for everyone.

laptop with a headset ready for a video call

Get your light right

How well-lit you are can make a big difference to the video quality for you meeting. Choose either natural light or artificial light rather than a combination of the two as they don’t always mix well on webcam. Lighting from the side, rather than from above or below is also typically the most flattering.

Frame yourself

Practice with your camera angles to find the one that best works for you. We’ve all had video calls that have accidentally started with a nose close up or by looking at the floor. Try and frame yourself in the centre of the screen from the midsection up. If you can, place the webcam at eye level to make digital eye contact much easier.

Use the mute function

This is one of our most helpful video meeting tips. The mute function is a very useful tool and lets you type without distracting others. While you think you’re being quite, your microphone will pick up each keystroke, clear of your throat, or family members sneaking to the loo.

But, don’t forget to un-mute yourself when you want to be heard! How many video calls have you been in when each new topic begins with “I think you might be muted…”

business video call and a cup of tea

Introduce yourself before you start speaking

If there are lots of people on the call, it can be hard to know who is actually talking. When you want to speak, begin with “Jo here, I’d just like to say…” so people are able to give you the credit you’re due!

Screen share like a pro

Screen sharing is a really useful tool. But, make sure you’ve got the right documents opened and ready to share before hitting the go button. Clear any extra tabs you might have open and make sure any hide any sensitive data.

Make sure you pay attention

It’s easy to get distracted in a long meeting, especially when your colleagues or clients can’t see what you’re looking at on the screen. It’s easy to lose the flow of the meeting if you’re checking your emails or making amendments to your reports or proposals. Keep your focus on the meeting as you would in the office or risk missing something important.

Don’t watch your video feed

When speaking, look into the camera to let your colleagues know that you’re fully engaged. It’s so tempting to watch yourself in your video feed, but it’s much more professional and engaging to look at your meeting attendees through the camera.

We hope you’ve found these video meeting tips useful! Give them a try in your next work call and see what a difference they make to your meetings.

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