WOOFYT website design and build

What’s that noise you hear in the distance? It’s a WOOFYT (Wooden One-octave Organ For Young Technologists) being operated by students who are all enjoying working together while they learn about science, music and teambuilding.

Music and technology meet in a WOOFYT to create a primitive pipe organ that can be played by up to 20 people at once. The invention of teacher and violinist Jeremy Sampson and business man and amateur engineer Bill Cleghorn, education venues all over the UK are having a blast – pun definitely intended – on the WOOFYT.

What we did

Bill and Jeremy came to us with a really exciting website design idea. They wanted something as unique and interesting as the WOOFYT itself – not an easy task! We rose to the challenge and really enjoyed this opportunity to get creative.

We designed and built a responsive WOOFYT website, working with our brilliant photographer friend Karen Turner and inspired videographer Simon Collins. Together, we’ve created a site that showed off the machine and the joy of the students who play it. The site even has quirky designs and an interactive lever that plays the WOOFYT music when pulled.

A note from the team

“The Woofyt website was an exciting project with many development challenges due to the unique design. This site had everything, from a full page landing video, to animated organ stops, music clips and more! It certainly made creating the home page the most enjoyable aspect. The unconventional layout and the borders brought such character to the site and required specific attention. It was great to learn more about the Woofyt itself throughout the build and what fun and learning can be had with it.”

Stuart Bayford, Front-end Developer

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