Madeira UK

The new Madeira UK website is user friendly, easy to use and perfectly in keeping with the rest of the company’s international branding. The Madeira team and ours are thrilled with the final results.

John and Natalie approached us in summer 2019 to give them some support with their existing website. They wanted to make it look more modern, increase its usability and to help drive more sales. With a clear specification in place, we got to work.

Madeira green logo

What we did

Our first task was to create a design that would wow Natalie, John, the Madeira team and all their customers. We had to think carefully about how to make the UK site stand out and impress users that also perfectly complimented the company’s international brand.

We had lots of images from the team as well as a great promotional video that brought the design to life. These showed off their fantastic embroidery products perfectly and provided lots of colour and brightness to the new pages.

The UK site does not sell products directly to customers. Instead, the shop links through to the German e-commerce website. We had to carefully connect the two sites with the new build to help drive sales conversions on the international pages.

Sustainable living and working has never been more important. Madeira are very eco conscious and want to shout about all the fantastic work they’re doing to promote ethical embroidery. The new site design highlights the variety of steps the company is taking to support their commitment to sustainability.

As well as their sustainable approach, Madeira varies from their competitors through their training courses. We knew these needed to stand out on their pages as they offer something special for their users. The site helps raise awareness for these courses and makes it really easy for people to book.

The new website looks fantastic and really shows off what makes Madeira UK special. The navigation is clear, the site is fully responsive and the user experience is also greatly improved.

A note from the team

I really enjoyed the challenge of designing the new Madeira site to give it a completely unique, fresh look while still complementing the company’s international branding.

Alan - Designer and Front End Developer