Jervaulx Abbey website design and build

As anyone who’s been will know, Jervaulx Abbey is a magical place. If you haven’t been yet, what’s keeping you?

The 12th Century Cistercian Abbey is full of historical significance. It was plundered in the 16th Century and is now privately owned. It has flourished with wild flowers growing freely throughout its ruined nooks and crannies.

The owners wanted to convey this atmospheric and enchanting feeling on the new Jervaulx Abbey website. They also needed to promote weddings, events and their fabulous tearooms online.

What we did

We’ve worked with Jervaulx’s owners for many years and have immersed ourselves in the beauty of this fabulous place over time. We used our passion for the Abbey when designing the new website.

Whilst considering modern trends like ensuring the site was responsive for mobile devices, we built a relaxing, tranquil site. The pages display the Jervaulx Abbey font and branding to complement some fabulous photography.

A note from the team

“As Jervaulx Abbey is so unique and atmospheric, and we were given such a beautiful image of it for the banner, we decided to do something a bit different to make it stand out. The layered 3D effect works really well and they loved it.”

Alan - Web designer and developer

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