h2h website redesign

We’re thrilled with the launch of the bright, responsive, friendly and easy to navigate h2h website. While the site has been a long time in the making, we’re really happy with the final result.

The Yorkshire based staff development company needed a more modern, engaging site to show off their wealth of resources and support. It was our pleasure to design and build it for them and h2h have been wonderful to work with.

What we did

The team at h2h stressed the importance of showing off their brilliant, detailed resources. They know how valuable these pieces of content are to their users. The team wanted a bright, welcoming, site that makes it really easy for users to find the content that they were looking for.

So, we got to work and created a design that was simple to navigate and looked great. At no point is a user left wondering where to go next when using the h2h website. There’s now a clear site structure, easy to use navigation bar and well placed calls to action.

This design will also have a very positive impact on their bounce rate. By heightening user curiosity and including intuitive ways to access and consume content, we’re sure h2h will notice a vast improvement with their user engagement. Those all-important site conversions should also come rolling in.

A note from the team

We introduced a few technologies to filter and display content which was rewarding and fun to develop. The site is vibrant with the brand colours, making it a pleasure to view and work on.

Nick - Web Developer

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