Ecorend website design and build

Ecorend came to us shortly after they’d re-branded their rendering product. They wanted their new site to match their new look so we worked with them to spruce up their site.

The business is part of the Wetherby Group, a top quality UK manufacturer of performance building products. Over the next few months, we’re going to transform their other websites too, so watch this space!

What we did

The new Ecorend site is bright and really stands out on your screen. It’s fully responsive so looks great no matter what device users access it from. We created big, bold buttons in line with their brand style to make navigation straightforward and to enhance user experience.

A big plus for Kelly and the Ecorend team is the new WordPress CMS. Before, it was a struggle for the team to make changes to their pages. Now, they can easily log-in and make whatever tweaks they need to. Not only is WordPress really user friendly, it can also give a handy bump to the site’s SEO.

A note from the team

“This is the first of three new websites for the Wetherby Group and it was a joy to work on. They provided some very clear branding and design guidelines to follow and were very happy with the website design. There were also some interesting technical challenges, including a postcode based stockist finder, which uses a Google API. Looking forward to working on their next two sites.”

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