Driver Hire Training website design and build

Driver Hire Training is a market leading, national CPC training provider. They offer approved training courses to individual drivers and to large international companies.

They asked us to design and build a relatively small, simple website to a tight deadline. However, after a number of discussions it became clear to everyone that actually what they needed was considerably more complex, making the deadline even tighter.

What we did

After a number of meetings it was decided that the site required quite a lot of complex functionality, from importing a list of courses on a daily basis to a full ecommerce system where customers could book those courses online.

There also needed to be a robust filtering system to help the user find specific courses, as well as pages for all of their modules and training locations, linked to and from each individual course. In the end, the site ended up requiring hundreds of pages of content.

A note from the team

“I loved the challenge that this site brought. It seemed to grow with every meeting and offered loads of new and complex problems to solve. In the end everyone involved was really delighted with the result and we hope it brings them every success.”

Alan - Web design and build

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