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What is cornerstone content?

by Beth Ellin

Cornerstone content is copy on your website that you want to give the most attention to. They’re the pages that do you proud. They reflect your brand and communicate your mission to your customers and are great for getting people to convert. They’re your best players in your SEO strategy. 

Let’s dig a little deeper. 

What is cornerstone content? 

Think of the four or five pages you’d really like a customer to read when they first visit your website – that’s your cornerstone content. These pages should sit high up in your site’s structure, and you should use them to link to your most exciting and engaging content to keep people engaged with your website. 

Think of your cornerstone content as a roadmap for your users. It guides them seamlessly through your website to the information they’re looking for. You’re not using it to get conversions, but to give people a great first impression of your business.

Cornerstone content should explain key elements about your business and always be kept up to date. It shouldn’t be overly salesy but need to show the benefits to your customer of what you can offer them. 

What types of content can be cornerstone pieces? 

There’s no hard and fast rule for which pieces of content should be your cornerstones. You can have eBooks, PDFs, podcasts, videos, articles… anything, as long as it’s useful, and you know that your target market engage with it. Your cornerstone content needs to be highly relevant to your audience, and something that they regularly like, share and consume. 

Once you know what your best performing pieces of content are, you can collate them on an easily accessible cornerstone page. Have a brief introduction about the topic, and then provide links to your users for them to easily move to your best eBooks, videos, or podcasts. Include a short introduction to the content with each link, and what your user can expect when they click to it. Wrap it up with a snappy conclusion, and include your main call to action, which can be things like asking users to get in touch, join your mailing list, or download something.


Why is cornerstone content important? 

Cornerstone content is important because it’s how new users will first see your business. It’s how they’ll determine whether or not you’re going to be useful for them and should position you as an expert in their eyes. 

Cornerstone content helps to give your site structure. It creates a clear route for your user to take as they move through your site and increases the level of trust they’ll place in your business. If they have to search for the answers they’re looking for on your site, they’ll simply click to a competitor who makes it easy for them to find what they need. Making it straightforward for them to progress from the initial page they landed on to the more in-depth information they need will develop trust and make them more likely to convert later down the line. 

Cornerstone content and your SEO 

Cornerstones contribute massively to the success of your SEO strategy. They’re your best performing pieces of content and should be highly key word targeted so your audience can find you online. 

Cornerstone content topics will likely come up again and again on your website and in your new blog posts. This makes it really easy for you to link to and from your cornerstone content, improving your onsite SEO and making it straightforward for users to explore your site. 

Plus, if you can come up with some truly brilliant cornerstone pieces, you’ll be able to get them linked on other high-value websites. You’re much more likely to bring customers on to your site from a link to great cornerstone content rather than just your homepage.

Your cornerstone content will also have high levels of customer engagement. They’ll spend time reading it online, share it with friends and colleagues, and use it to click through to other relevant information – all of which are great for your SEO. 

To sum up 

Cornerstone content is incredibly useful for bringing new customers on to your website, raising awareness for your brand, and beginning that long journey to customer conversion. They’re really useful pieces of copy that you’ve put lots of thought and time into and that are fully optimised for SEO. Used properly, your cornerstone content can have a massive impact on your online presence.

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