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Kearton Cottages new website is live

by Beth Ellin

We’re really glad to see this gorgeous little site go live, it’s been a real pleasure to work on and we’re excited to see how well it performs for Anne and Stephen. 

Anne approached us to refresh their website and to make it more responsive to mobile devices. We got to work making changes to bring a modern feel to the site and to make it easier for users to access the pages no matter what device they were browsing on. 

Take a look at the finished results for yourself: 

>> <<

Image of Kearton Lodge living room with fireplace

We’ve added an SSL certificate to the new site to make sure users are protected when booking their stay in the lodge or cottage. Sites without their SSLs are flagged to users as ‘not secure’ if they’re browsing in Chrome, so Anne and Stephen knew how important it was to get the right security in place for their website. 

The new homepage is easy to navigate around and shows off the gorgeous pictures of their cottage and lodge. The contact telephone number in the header is clickable, making it really easy for mobile users to get in touch and book their stay. 

Their banner is now a slider to show off pictures of the rooms, location and tasty treats that welcome guests on their arrival to Kearton Cottages. The Yorkshire cottages are so beautiful; we knew we needed to show them off all over the site. You’ll see small pictures decorating every page. We installed lightboxes for the images so that when a user clicks they are treated to a full sized version. 

Anne is really pleased with how the website looks and functions now. She told us that “the site is looking good, refreshed and inviting.” She also thanked us for our “patience and expertise” in the redesign of the site. It was our pleasure, Anne! We love going the extra mile for our clients and are happy to offer our advice and make as many tweaks to a site as possible to make any website dream a reality. 

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